May 23, 2024

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ShockVapor juice cut substantially.

30ml for 11.50

..its Atomic Vapors

Atomic Vapors makes some of my favorite juices – Nuke juice and Sweet Fission.   They also sell a 2nd line of juice called Shock Vapor.  I have a bottle of that lines Honeydew and its good.   Today they have made a bold move by cutting those prices down substantially.  You now get 30ml bottles for 11.50.  

There custom juice line will stay the same price.

It seems a lot of vendors are slashing prices in order to keep up with the new vendors selling juice at a much lower price –  A trend I hope continues.

.. and ill be here to point you in its direction.



30ml of the Shock Vapor line for 11.50ish (depending on your nic str)

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