July 13, 2024

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REVIEW: Nuke Juice

Juice Review: Nuke Juice by AtomicVapers

Atomic is a well known vendor with some crazy juices.  I believe Nuke Juice is their signature juice.  A blend of Cinnamon, Peach, and Menthol.   You would think anything containing cinnamon and menthol would blow your head off.  To my surprise it didn’t.

When I first vaped this juice I had that “wow” look on my face.  The cinnamon pairs nicely with the menthol without drowning the peach. The peach has a nice fruity flavor rather then a sweet candy flavor.   The cinnamon is the star of the show.  Its a sweeter cinnamon, a little spicy, but not over the top.

The combination makes a refreshing spicy peachy vape. 

As with most juices it gets much better with age.  I had 30ml worth and in a month it went from a light yellow to a golden amber color.  The flavors were even more intense and wonderful.

There VG/PG radio is not listed but it puts out fantastic vapor.

There liquid is on the expensive side, 30ml will run  $18.50.  However, this isnt a deal post – its a review post.

Is it worth the money? I say yes only because no one else has this, and its not easily replicated.  Its one of a kind.


Unknown VG/PG (not listed)
LR Vision Drippers Atty on a 3.7v BombShell

WHERE: www.atomicvapors.com

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