June 22, 2024

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Mini Chrome LRider Lavatube v2 @ 39.95


..its vaporcigzz

Since the 29.95 deal was sold out in minutes, we have another Mini deal.  This is a little different because its an L-Rider.  An L-rider has a 510 connection pin that moves with whatever 510 post you put on it.  This prevents having to “pull your post”.  Many buyers believe L-rider makes a higher quality Lavatube.

 This is by no means the best deal ever, but its a solid good deal.  These still go for 50-70.00.  If you missed the deal for on the previous post, you may want to look at this one.

Hard Copy:

This is the New EpicStorm Mini Variable Voltage PV; Version 2.0 of the LavaTube in Chrome!  The quality of the New EpicStorm is very impressive; night and day compared to the first version.  You can feel the quality in the weight of the unit- not too light and not too heavy; just right!  The EpicStorm has a 510|eGo connection that is recessed giving a seamless look and the connection has a floating pin giving you the most versatility!  You have the ability to adjust you voltage from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 increments.  This is not a Vari-Tube or one of the other imitation devices; at Vapor Cigzz we only sell the genuine authentic product which we believe our customers deserve!   

Where: http://www.vaporcigzz.com/

The Deal:   

1 Mini Chrome Lrider Lavatube V2 for 39.95


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