February 27, 2024

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Mini Chrome Lava 2.0 Full Kit – $59.99

Get a kit for the price of just the tube.

…its Spring Vapor

When I found out they were selling the tubes cheap – I had to posted it asap.  Within 15 minutes it was sold out.   I was lucky enough to buy one.  I have to say it works FANTASTIC. 

These are the Lavatube 2.0 made by YoungJune, and re-branded.   They are a typical Lrider style but with two differences.  They have a Ohm reader and Ego threading so your Clearomizers fit without an adapter.  These push a lot harder then the original lavatube.

Do I feel this kit is worth $59.99?  Yes –  most vendors are selling these for 50.00+ for the tube only.  With this your getting a charger, 2 batteries and 2 clearomizers.


-Chrome Design for sleeker more durable functionality
-Sealed Connection to keep the eliquid out of the electronics
-Variable Voltage ranging from 3.0-6.0 Volts allowing the user to customize their vaping experience!
-Small and compact design giving the user the ability to conceal the device.
-Built in Ohms Reader!
-4 amp output.
-One battery functionally allows the user easy access to replacing extinguished battery quick and conveniently.
-NO stacked batteries

-1x VV Tsunami Body
-2x 18350 IMR Batteries
-1x Battery Charger
-2x Clearomizers
-1x Instruction Manual
-Uses 18350 IMR Batteries (AW Brand Perfered)

WHERE:  http://springvapor.com/


Get the full kit for 59.99!

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