February 22, 2024

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THE BAM — $89.95


For a great ass price!

…its Cigtechs

The current title holder of the biggest production tube mod ever made.  It makes the Helix look like an ego battery.  This runs on a 5000Mah 26650 battery.   

I just purchased one for that price..


The BAM is a 510 fitted big battery mod specially designed for use with an IMR26650 battery, or with the Kick module by evolv and a 25500 battery. Included with the BAM is an adapter ring that the Kick can be interested into for use with a 25500 battery. So you have the option of the large IMR26650 battery or a Kicked 25500 battery! The kick must be used with a 25500 or 26500 battery.

The BAM is elegantly designed with a scallop pattern grip that allows the seam to disappear when the BAM is fully assembled. Included with the BAM as an additional safety feature is a resetable fuse in line with the button.  If a dead short was to happen at the atomizer, the fuse will trip until the battery is removed from the device. The top is slightly concave to capture any liquid that may leak out of the atomizer. This concave top allows the 510 fitting to be slightly recessed to allow for re-uptake of any liquid that has leaked. The finish on the BAM is a silver, brushed like finish.

 The BAM is approximatly 4.5in tall and 1.5in wide.

DO NOT use unprotected batteries!
DO NOT stack batteries!

Only a single battery should be used with the BAM. The user of this device should never stack smaller cell batteries into the BAM.
Only a single battery should be used. We suggest the addition of a VapeSafe Fuse to add an additional level of level of safety.

When adding the BAM to your cart, you can select any number of additional items as a combo and save on each item over the retail price. 

Included with the BAM:
1x BAM
1x Kick module adapter sleeve
1x 18xxx size battery sleeve

WHERE:  http://www.cigtechs.com/

Coupon Code:  10off  to bring your total to 89.99

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