June 23, 2024

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The Smoktech Groove – Variable Wattage Box?

Looks like smoktech is putting out another box mod.  Seems to be an upgrade to the VV Gripper.  Its both variable voltage and wattage. It is unknown if it will come as a kit or just the unit.   By looking at it, its safe to say it has its own battery built in and is charged via the usb interface.    The screen looks like the OLED screens used on the Segieli Zmax

At this point we can assume this is out of the rendering stage and this picture is an actual unit.  It looks like Smoktech wants to one up the MVP by putting out its own box mod with variable wattage.  

Since the USB port is so close to the chipset, it is conceivable this may also have a PC interface like the eVic.  This is only a observation and I have no true knowledge of that.  Also the word “interface” means more then just a charging port.  Doing any kind of speculation with engrish is never an easy task.

As I get more information I will update this page.

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