June 22, 2024

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(Update) SS SIGELEI ZMAX V2 – $71.98

(Update 12/30) These are the improved version

…its Vaporheads

These are the improved version of the Sigelei Zmax with the bugs worked out of it (i.e. the connector issues).  
HARD COPY:New version OLED 134+ gram Sigelei SS Zmax – (This is not the ss plated Smoktech v1 or v2) – Features true stainless steel with 2 line whole word display screen by SIGELEI – On our latest shipment the center 510 connections have been corrected to the proper height and cannot come loose and the interior battery wells are now wider. The batteries do not bang around inside the unit like other devices. (If it does, Switch end caps) The OLED screens are all placed correctly and every unit has been checked. We are offering a 6 month warranty. 3V-6V, wattage from 3w-15w – Amperate Limiting 5 amps – 8 function option with RMS mode – Battery, two X 18350 or one 18650 – Kit Includes: 1x Sigelei SS Zmax (Aprox. 134+ grams body) – 1x 18650 battery end Cap – 1x 18350 Battery End Cap – 1x Dual Trustfire 18650 USA Charger – 1x Stainless V5 Nova – 1x Zip Case – 2x Panasonic 3100mah 18650 Batteries – 1x 510 To Ego Adapter – 1x Chrome Cone – 6 Month Warranty – Body Only Includes: 1x Sigelei SS Zmax (Aprox. 134+ grams body) – 1x 18650 battery end Cap – 1x 18350 battery end cap – 1x Gift Box – 6 Month Warranty – Sigelei SS ZMAX USER MANNUAL: 1.Segelei SS Zmax has an 8 option menu, press 3 times into menu 1 : Turn on/off the device – 2.Continuous press 4 times, into menu 2: adjust voltage (power wattage) UP. Start 0.1v (0.5w) – 3.Continuous press 5 times, into menu 3: adjust voltage (power wattage) Down – 4.Continuous press 6 times, into menu 4: test the battery voltage – 5.Continuous press 7 times, into menu5 : show voltage or power, and resistance – 6.Continuous press 8 times, into menu6 : OELD on/off – 7.Continuous press 9 times, into menu7 : into choose the power or voltage of item 2 and item 3 – 8.Continuous press 10 times, into menu8 : RMS / MEAN VALUE – 8th option RMS Value is recommended. – Press 5 times to turn the device on. (Segelei will display) – Press 3 times to enter menu. – Press 7 more times to enter 8th option and set to RMS and then Adjust Wattage using menu 2 and 3. – Any 18650 battery will fit with the larger end cap. – Stacking 18350’s is not recommended. – It is also recommended to grease the threads on the battery end cap. – Do not disassemble the top cap. – This item qualifies for free shipping and comes with a 6 month warranty.

6 month warranty!  Thats pretty impressive.

WHERE:  http://shop.vaporheads.net/


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