May 23, 2024

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It’s completely Federally legal (by law) and it’s the new wild west!

Everyone that’s anyone is getting into the CBD game.    Right now every major vaping player is starting to put out their CBD brands.   In the next 6 months the cbd market will  triple in terms of brands, sites, and products.

Every juice
maker with a hot flavor will turn it into a CBD Tincture (drops under
the tongue) or some other form a CBD consumable.

You have two camps.  Those that want to make tons money, and those that want to help people and make some money.  I’m the latter.  Nothing good comes form bad money.

We are talking everything from pre-rolled hemp to CBD Energy drinks.  Let’s not forget about “hemp flavoring” .  We all know where that’s going 🙂

Alliances are already being formed between big juice makers , YouTuber’s, bloggers, Influencers,  and forums.  In full disclosure I will be hand and hand with Saveurvape on their CBD side. (who won best cbd flavor at this weekends convention in NV) 😉

never got into retail (selling actual product) or wholesale of side vaping.
The CBD side allows me to do that and really help people. Everyone knows I was very against it but after my crazy medical crisis I wanted to stop using opioids for pain.  I found the CBD combination that works. Since I found that – It’s been two years and haven’t needed any pain killers.

There is a lot of education many of you will need. I want help you! VaporjoesCBD will not only be about great deals but how to use it from a vapers perspective.   What worked for me, what didn’t.  I will give honest opinions even about companies I work with.   Vapers from say California, Colorado, etc they are well informed about CBD and such. I’m talking about people in middle  America that need help and have no idea how to navigate these waters. Either due to stigma, lack of cbd education, and or access.

This is a complete do over for the vaping community in terms of the juice makers and Vape Shops.  Every mistake they made in the past 10 years will not be repeated.  Unfortunately this is going to cause a lot of push back from the original cbd only juice makers that enjoyed large market shares.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they see sales drop for them as much as 90% with all the new amazing flavors and competition.

Now your going to have bearded hipsters walking around the same conventions as the senior citizens.  

Oh this is going to be so much fun 🙂

So vape shops will now become federally legal alternative pain management centers 🙂 in some form or another.

You think I’m kidding? You watch.

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