July 13, 2024

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DIY: Best Nicotine Base for the Price!

Nicotine Base by the Wizards of smart!

…the winner is Wizardlabs

You have to be careful and know your sources when doing any kind of DIY e-juice.  It wasn’t to long ago that there was a serious scare in the in the community about mislabeled nic base. So we want the best base @ the best price. Right?  Right..

So what makes them the best in my humble opinion?

Base Clarity
Customer Support
Nic Level accuracy

I have found no flaw in this vendor yet.   They excel in all categories.

The best part about it is, they are the lowest priced nic vendor I can find.

They also have an outstanding selection of flavor concentrate served up in 8ml glass vials ($1.49).  They also never fail to throw in a freebee or two.

Where: http://wizardlabs.us

The Deal:

From Low $6.29 for 18mg 120ml
To a High $56.99 for 100mg 500ml

About 25% cheaper then most vendors, on any nic level / ml level

If you are a DIY person – try them asap.

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