May 23, 2024

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Joye Ego 18650 Mod – $16.95

Basic Mod – Great Price – I use one.

…its LitecigUSA

If your looking for your first BB mod or you just want another solid 3.7v device, look no further.   I have one of these and it has never given me trouble.  They aren’t flashy but they work, and work well.  

In most respects this is nothing more then a very large ego.  The only difference is you need an 18650 battery.

This has the 5 click on/off protection and you can charge the 18650 battery through an ego charger which is a bonus, so you dont need a special charger.

The power head regulates the voltage and has circuit protection built in. 

Anything 510 or Ego threaded will work on these.  Clearomizers like the Stardust and Kanger T2 look great on it.


For $16.95 – I like it because its made by Joytech.  There are knockoffs floating around which im a little “iffy” about.


The Deal:

$16.95.   Lots of colors to choose from.

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