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Try a Vivi Nova for $5.99

Havent tried it yet? Now is your chance!

…. its discountvapers

If you haven’t tried one of these yet, I suggest you do.  These are some of the best CE2 style clearomizer/tank systems I have ever used.  Effortless!

There is no excuses not to try it at this price!



For 5.99 you get the tank system + 1 head.  
Even for spare parts its a great price!

Pre-made Wick/Coil – 25 cents!


..its The House of Vapor

When I post cheap wick and wire it seems to sell out pretty quick.  The guys over at The House of Vapor are selling pre-made coils for your rebuildable atomizer for .25.  That’s right.. 1 quarter.  These are perfect for the Phoenix style rebuildable atomizers.

Other vendors are selling these around $1.00 – $2.00 each.



Its a 25 cents whats left to say?

EGO-T and 510-T Atomizers – $4.00

One for the “-T” crowd.

…its naturevaper ..

Naturevaper is really surprising me.  Everyday I go there, they have something  that’s really really cheap.  This is no exception.  Both of these atomizers are $4.00 each.  I have seen these range from $7.00 – $9.95.   If you never tried the “-T” systems, you may want to for this price.

Some people love them, others hate them.  I like them for the ease of use.  I use my Ego-T and 510-T to test juice on.  The wicks are so small you don’t need to worry about much “flavor creep”.


510-T Atomizer: HERE

Ego-T Atomizer: HERE


Each atomizer is $4.00.

Both atomizers will work on an ego battery.  The Ego-T requires ego threading, so if your going to use it on a mod – get an adapter.

I am unsure if these come with the empty plastic tank.  It is pictured, but you might want to ask. 

2 – Trustfire 14500 Batteries – $9.50

$5.01 + 4.49 shipping = happy!

… its Amazon

This is actually a merchant on amazon, but I have bought from this merchant before. His batteries are solid – his business is batteries.    

Usually these are running about $7.00 each + shipping on most vendors websites.  Its a great deal.  I just bought 2 sets for a new ShanB mod im getting.

WHERE: Amazon



REVIEW: Purple Pieman

  its… fuzionvapor

This vendor was kind enough to contact me and send me some of their juice.   I got them today, vaped this flavor most of the day – so lets talk about it.
All the samples were 12mg.  The PG/VG ratio is not listed.  I think its a proprietary blend.

This was vaped in a LR Vision “Drippers” Atomizer on my Bombshell @ 3.7v.

I went in blind not knowing what this juice is supposed to taste like. The juice is crystal clear and after smelling it you know right away its blueberry. I have had problems with blueberry liquids in the past.  I have vaped many and they can be very perfumy and overpowering.
I’m happy to say – this is not among them. 
blueberry / banana blend. The banana is the more prominent component to this vape.  That would explain why its not perfumy.  They did the right thing and didn’t kill it with the blueberry.  This gives it a creamer vape – rather then a sharp mashed together flavor.
Even though its a fruit liquid, I wouldn’t call it “fruity”.  Most “fruity” vapes tend it be very sweet and candy like.  This is a creamy smooth vape that really dials in the banana / blueberry combo nicely.
Most fruit based vapes are hard for me to deal with all day. They will get to me after a while.  I have been hitting this straight for 12 hours now without any problems.

The throat it was on par with a 12mg juice.  I normally vape 18-24mg –  so for me its naturally going to be lighter. 

The vapor on this is great.  I have no idea what the ratio is but it looks like there is a fair amount of VG in it. 
Im not going to give a number from 1 to 10, because my highest number could be your lowest number.  I’m going to say its solid, clean, creamy, and smooth.  I give this juice high marks.
On a side note –  think they should offer a menthol option on this juice.  After putting a few menthol drops in my atty as a test, it was a whole other monster.


This isnt the most expensive or cheapest juice.  
Its respectably priced @ 12.50 per 30ml.

Two 30ml Bottles of Juice – $17.60

Good Prices! Good Juice!

.. its  happyesmoker

Happyesmoker is has a nice sale going on. 
Two – 30ml bottles of juice for $22.00.  They are currently running a 20% off  special which brings the cost down to $17.60

The Deal:

Normally the price is 2 for 22.00 which is a good deal.  

Gives an additional 20% off, which brings your price down to $17.60
Free Shipping for orders over $40.00
*coupon code given from vendor, we make no commission

Siam Mod Tanks at low Prices!


… Its Vaperite

Siam Mods (maker of the Cube mod) makes some of the coolest looking and durable vaping gear going.  With looks and durability comes very high prices. 

Vaperite has some of his items at a very reasonable price.  This particular tank I own and I can tell you the Stainless Steel caps are very heavy and the tube is extremely thick.   

For the price they are asking, its a steal.


The Deal:

This particular tank is $23.00 for the caps and tube. They have tanks ranging from $23.00 for this style, up to $32.00 for a full stainless tank.   

Want a Stainless VMAX for under $75.00?

Remember when these were $125.00?

..its Discountvapers

 The mod that hits like train!  Its a great mod and there are not many left.  Id jump on this if you were looking to get a higher end VV.

Adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts. Stainless steel with a polished finished. 5 amps maximum output. Test your battery voltage or the resistance of your cartomizer or atomizer with the built in display.  The Vmax has a native eGo style connector that allows you to use both 510 and eGo style cartomizers and atomizers without adapters. For eGos with threads mtaching the cone threads on an ego you will need a 510 to eGo adapter. 

Will accept protected Li-Ion 16340 batteries or IMR LiMn 18350 batteries. All adjustments and settings are made with the push button switch including a setting to turn your Vmax off. Includes instructions manual in English.

This is version 3 



Tube only – $74.95 – Not many left!


VaporChase takes on the Vmax 

1 DAY: 20% off @ GoodProphets

One of the best  –  1 day sale!

… its GoodProphets

Im a huge fan of Goodprophets.  I have been a customer a long time.  They have a huge selection and they are running a 1 day sale.   

Whatever you might need for vaping – they will have and at a reasonable price.

20% off everything – no exceptions, no limits.



20% of everything with coupon code: laborday

*Note: this coupon was given to us by the vendor, no commission is made.

2 Cents For Safety! $7.99

Safety shouldn’t be expensive..

Almost 50% cheaper then most vendors.

… its GotVapes

A little extra safety goes a long way.   This little fuse can be the difference between having a battery melt your face, or nothing happening at all.    This prevents a hard short from effecting your battery and is a must mods without short circuit protection (i.e. mechanical mods).   This little wonder goes between your battery and the spring in your mod.  When hard short occurs the fuse is tripped, stopping the voltage flow – saving your battery, your mod, and your face.


The Deal:

The Vape Safe is a mechanical fuse that trips if it senses a short in the mod by shutting down the battery. The Vape Safe can also help protect variable voltage circuitry, hot springs and other circuitry that you would not want to be damaged because of a hard short.

  • Place magnet side to negative side of the battery. Insert battery into the mod with the fuse between the battery and the spring.
  • If your mod stops working, try a fresh atomizer and fresh battery
  • If your mod still isn’t firing, do a continuity check using your volt meter.
  • A blown fuse means a hard short has occured. DO NOT PLACE BATTERY IN YOUR MOD WITHOUT THE FUSE IF THE FUSE HAS BLOWN! *Once a fuse has blown it is no longer operational and must be replaced.


 Steeljans take on the fuse

3.5ml Smoktech Tank – $7.99 Shipped.

DCT “Skinny” Tank $7.99 – Free Shipping

…its vaporbeast

Up to a few weeks ago I never used these skinny tanks.  I saw these on Vaporbeasts website and picked up a few because they were so reasonable.

I have to tell you they are a big WIN.

They are great for regular and portable use.  These look great on a mod or a standard ego battery.  They hold a respectable 3.5ml of juice.

For the ego battery users I suggest using the 1.7ohm single coil tank cartomizers with the flange.


The Deal:

1 – Tank
1 – 1.5 ohm Smok Tech dual coil 510 cartomizer
1 – Clear drip tip

$7.99 with free shipping

Joye Ego 18650 Mod – $16.95

Basic Mod – Great Price – I use one.

…its LitecigUSA

If your looking for your first BB mod or you just want another solid 3.7v device, look no further.   I have one of these and it has never given me trouble.  They aren’t flashy but they work, and work well.  

In most respects this is nothing more then a very large ego.  The only difference is you need an 18650 battery.

This has the 5 click on/off protection and you can charge the 18650 battery through an ego charger which is a bonus, so you dont need a special charger.

The power head regulates the voltage and has circuit protection built in. 

Anything 510 or Ego threaded will work on these.  Clearomizers like the Stardust and Kanger T2 look great on it.


For $16.95 – I like it because its made by Joytech.  There are knockoffs floating around which im a little “iffy” about.


The Deal:

$16.95.   Lots of colors to choose from.

DIY: Best Nicotine Base for the Price!

Nicotine Base by the Wizards of smart!

…the winner is Wizardlabs

You have to be careful and know your sources when doing any kind of DIY e-juice.  It wasn’t to long ago that there was a serious scare in the in the community about mislabeled nic base. So we want the best base @ the best price. Right?  Right..

So what makes them the best in my humble opinion?

Base Clarity
Customer Support
Nic Level accuracy

I have found no flaw in this vendor yet.   They excel in all categories.

The best part about it is, they are the lowest priced nic vendor I can find.

They also have an outstanding selection of flavor concentrate served up in 8ml glass vials ($1.49).  They also never fail to throw in a freebee or two.


The Deal:

From Low $6.29 for 18mg 120ml
To a High $56.99 for 100mg 500ml

About 25% cheaper then most vendors, on any nic level / ml level

If you are a DIY person – try them asap.

10ml Bottles from Vapow – $2.50

Rock bottom e-juice prices!
 ….its vapow!

Vapow is running a sale through labor day that is pretty great.   All 10ml bottles are $2.50.  No coupons needed. 


The Deal:

All 10ml bottles of e-juice $2.50

$7.99 30ml Juice + 40% OFF

30ml of juice 7.99 + 40% off your entire order!

…no I’m not joking…

…say hello to Vapersociety


Everyday the fine people at will offer a new flavor of juice in their daily deals section.  The price will be 7.99 for a 30ml bottle.

The other little gem is a coupon that gives each customer 40% off their entire order, without exception.  This coupon can be used once, and does not expire.


30ml of juice for 7.99  – flavor changes daily

Coupon Code:  SOCIETY  
40% off your entire order, can only be used 1 time

*Note this coupon was given to me by the vendor.  We make no commission off any sales.